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Why Does India Needs Skill-Based Education?

An education system that is based on skill development is very important in the current times. Such systems are focused ...

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How Is The Lift-Off Program a Boon For Corporates

Currently, there is a huge demand for a skilled workforce in the IT sector. Every day, there is an increasing need for J...

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All You Need To Know About Azure Data Engineering

Data is the biggest superpower in the business world, and collecting data from time to time contributes to the growth of...

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The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Sector Is Filled With Jobs!

The CB Insights data revealed that crypto, blockchain, and Web 3.0 based businesses had raised close to $9.2 billion glo...

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Is India Facing A Cybersecurity Skills Crisis?

When it comes to professionals with cybersecurity skills, the entire world is facing a shortage. However, the shortage i...

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The Skills Gap Is Costing Corporates, How To Bridge The Gap?

As the name suggests, skill gap is the gap or distance between the skill an employee should possess and the skill they h...

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