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Our unique methods of tapping several non-traditional channels for superior candidate sourcing and conducting Bootcamp based skilling programs will give your faster sourcing of talent in trending skill areas like Data Science, ML Engineers, Data Engineers, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, IT Security Analysts and Full Stack Developers on React/Angular/.Net/Java.

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What is the Lift-off Program?

For Employers
"Teksands Lift-off" is a "Sourcing + Job-readiness Program" intended to serve Corporates with the right skilled resources in various in-demand Technology areas. We decide/design Sourcing channels and Bootcamp curriculum along with our clients specific needs and deliver skilled manpower after custom sourcing and a rigorous bootcamp phase.

    If you are a Corporate looking to hire engineers immediately or
    through a custom skill program:
  • Candidate Sourcing and Bootcamp based specifically on your skill requirements. We will source the candidates based on your criteria
    and run the bootcamp designed with input and agreement with you.
  • Ready skilled candidates who have already undergone Bootcamp on specific skills - Cloud, DevOps, Data Science, ML, IT Security, Data Engineering, Salesforce, React/Angular
    /Java/Python Full Stack.
For Candidate
"Teksands Lift-off" is a "Sourcing + Job-readiness Program" intended to provide you the right opportunity with our top-notch clients in various fields like Cloud, DevOps, Data Science, ML, Data Engineering, Salesforce, React, Angular, Java, Python Full Stack and more. If you are passionate about technology and are committed to make it good, reach out to us.

    If you are a Candidate - get trained through us and we
    guarantee you a Job in an high-demand skill :
  • Students in 4th year, fresh pass-out or working professionals looking to switch to Technology are eligible to apply through this program.
  • In the Bootcamp, you will go through a rigorous but fun-filled 2-3 months program under an experienced industry Mentor.
  • Post Bootcamp, we get you an unlimited number of Interviews with our prestigious clients.

Creating Talent Opportunities in a Talent Challenged Industry

Every year, an estimated 15 lac Students graduate out of Engineering colleges in India. Out of this number, only about 4% get into the IT industry with relevant jobs. This is an abysmally low number given that IT is the biggest employing industry for grads. At the same time, there is a massive industrial growth around the post-covid world, and a resultant hunger for more and more Technology resources. Companies across the world are reeling in a severe shortage of skilled technology resources and at this time the solution lies in bringing more and more graduates in the system taking the percent intake into the industry higher.

Lift-off Program Highlights

Curriculum customized for every client

Project-based Learning

Dedicated Mentors per Cohort

Cohorts can start anytime

Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Fresh pass-outs and working professionals at various experience ranges and looking to get a better break into the IT industry. The goal of Teksands Lift-off program is to bring more and more people into the IT industry and custom develop skills in the Industry.

An Lift-off program starts with a client confirming requirements. Various candidate pools are tapped. Candidates go through a selection process and provide with an offer letter with a post-bootcamp joining date, subject to successful completion of the bootcamp. Bootcamp ends with an assessment and offer is confirmed by the client for successful candidates.

The Lift-off program is primarily Client driven and client paid. We do not charge the candidate. However, there are other model variants available. On a case by case basis, we publish them in our requirements for a particular cohort.

Depending on the client requirements, the duration may vary somewhat, but it's normally 2-3 months.

The Bootcamp follows the principle of application of Technology through projects. Any skills that you may not possess but is required as part of the client needs will have to be learnt by you. Mentors will help you chose the right material from the net to learn them in the easiest and fastest possible way. In some cases, we will run Pre-Bootcamp workshops for this purpose.

The Bootcamp is all about application of Technologies through project work just as you will do in real-life when you join your employer. The mentor will help you with all the guidance for you to choose the right approach and solution for that. Cohort Mentor will also help you understand various practical aspects related to project execution, such as, design principles, DevOps aspects in your project, architecture, technology selection, methodologies such as Agile, how to implement solutions into production and so on.

Selection processes depend on the requirements of the client. They will have a combination of aptitude tests, communication skills, programming skills test, etc.

Again, the Bootcamp assessment can be different from client to client. However, it will be a combination of your score on periodic tests, quality of project work (code/solution), project document quality (design, architecture), etc.

Depending on the client requirements, the duration may vary somewhat, but it's normally 2-3 months.

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