70% of companies report dissatisfaction with ROI, Quality, Conversion and Candidate Experience during Campus hiring.

Teksands End to End Campus Hiring Services aided by our Campus Recruitment Workflow Platform, and strong Assessment Platform supported by our dedicated team will set up your entire Campus Recruiting Process from scratch to end.

All you have is to mention your Campus Hiring requirements and our People, Platforms and Processes will take care of your entire Campus Recruitment till Onboarding, working with Colleges, Candidates and Clients Synchronously.

Automated Campus Hiring Workflow

Set up your Customised Campus Hiring Workflow.

Set up and Schedule Assessment Tests from Portal Directly.

View and Manage your Candidate Application Dashboard.

Schedule Interviews through your Portal Directly.

Strongly Proctored Assessment Platform.

Onboard your Candidates from the Portal Directly.

Candidate Experience and Employer Branding

A strong employer branding helps your company attract the best candidates by showing what its like to work there and what sets it apart from other employers.

We help you execute Roadshows for Candidates and Induction Programme for Selected Candidates. All these are customised to your needs and to ensure the candidates get a wonderful experience through the Campus Evaluation Journey with your company.

We Help you gather Campus Intelligence

The purpose of campus intelligence is to provide you as a potential employer with a better understanding of the talent pool they can tap into when recruiting freshers from specific colleges. Campus Intelligence helps you make better Campus Hiring Strategies by evaluating a range of colleges based on your skill needs, CTC ranges, location preference and other parameters.

Other Niche Services

Lateral Hiring

Our strong team and research-based sourcing give you the best Outcomes in Lateral Hiring Services.

Executive Hiring

Our Strong network, research based approach and 1:1 candidate engagement is key to Executing Hiring success.

Diversity Hiring

Our focussed approach and strong networks made us successful in Diversity Hiring and Drives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus hiring brings fresh talent and new perspectives to your organization, injecting energy and innovation into your workforce.

Companies seek candidates with a combination of strong academic performance, relevant skills, and a positive attitude towards learning and growth.

Showcasing your unique skills, participating in extracurricular activities, and demonstrating a genuine passion for the industry can help you stand out among your peers.

Yes, most companies provide comprehensive training and mentorship programs to help campus hires develop their skills and succeed in their roles.

Absolutely! Campus hiring often serves as a launchpad for young professionals, offering them opportunities to grow within the organization and advance their careers.

Hiring campus refers to the process of recruiting talented individuals directly from educational institutions and universities.

Hiring on campus allows companies to tap into a pool of fresh and promising talent, offering them the opportunity to nurture and shape the next generation of professionals.

Hiring on campus provides students with access to potential job opportunities, allowing them to kickstart their careers without having to search extensively outside of their educational institutions.

Companies of all sizes and industries, ranging from startups to well-established organizations, actively participate in hiring campus initiatives to recruit top talent.

Companies seek candidates who demonstrate a strong academic record, relevant skills, leadership potential, and a passion for continuous learning and development.

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