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The Lift-Off program is our guarantee on providing our clients with ready-skilled developers.

Conversion rates from interviews as high as 50-60%.

The Lift-Off program taps several traditional and non-traditional channels for superior candidate sourcing and conducting Bootcamp based skilling programs will give your faster and guaranteed sourcing of talent in trending skill areas like Data Science, ML Engineers, Data Engineers, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, IT Security Analysts and Full Stack Developers on React/Angular/.Net/Java.

Enquire about Recruiting from our Lift-off Bootcamp based HTD/THD Model

Accel Hire - Lateral Recruitment Services

Our unique Accel Hire Program helping Technology organizations with:

Fast Paced hiring

Seeking out right candidates with lower joining time.

Seeking out candidates precisely matching your Talent, Skill and Culture fitment

Through the Accel program, we help our clients onboard the right talent faster.

Propel - Upskill your Freshers or Cross-skill your workforce

Our unique Propel Program helping Technology organizations with:

Technology Induction for Campus Hires and other Early Talent making them project ready in 4-6 weeks-time through an intensive curriculum and individualized mentoring.

Cross Skilling of experienced Engineers for your next projects through co-developed curriculum and individualized mentoring.


Prabir K

"Tremendous learning opportunity at the Data Science batch I was part of. The faculty was very knowledgeable and in-depth. Although the course was compact, it really taught a huge lot of details on Data Science space"

Sujoy R

"I want to switch my technology to Machine Learning. There are opportunities in my company but I needed to learn the Machine Learning techniques quickly so that I can start in a project. Teksands Machine Learning mastery gave me that opportunity to learn the maximum at the shortest time. The quality of the training was awesome."

Justin P

"I am managing projects for some time and our customers are asking more and more automations using smart technologies like Predictive Models or Machine Learning. I wanted to learn the Technology myself but can't go through an 8 months course for that. Thankful to Teksands for the High Impact Series course on Machine Learning. The faculty was great and experience was fully hands-on"

Our Clients

Enquire about Upskilling your IT Freshers and Cross-Skilling your IT Workforce through our Propel Program

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