Teksands is a fast growing start-up in the EdTech Industry. We provide Courses on Deep Tech including Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Deep Learning, and other Deep Tech topics. Our courses are intended to primarily help working professionals achieve career augmentation in Deep Tech areas by delivering very high quality, application driven training suited to the needs of our learners needs and goals. We operate both an online Retail Online Channel as well as Corporate Channels.

The only way to stay ahead of competition is for businesses to ensure that their personnel are constantly trained on not only the latest Technologies in the market but also methodologies and soft skills to attain holistic success in their career as well as for the Corporates. Teksands Corporate Training focusses on three main verticals - Tech Skills, Methodologies (covers various Project Management, Agile, Business Analysis and other areas) and Soft Skills.

Teksands Benefits & features

Digital Focussed Young

More than 3000 hours of Coporate Trainings delivered in last 6 months

400+ Trainers Registered with us and growing

High pedigreed and highly competent trainers from Industry

Dedicated LMS for
the Learners

Student and Trainers

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