Why Does India Needs Skill-Based Education?

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Does India Need Skill Development Programs?
What Role Does Skill-Based Training Play In The IT Sector?
Why Is Skill Development A Necessity In India?

An education system that is based on skill development is very important in the current times. Such systems are focused on developing certain skill sets in an individual that makes him/her an ideal candidate for companies when they look for hiring. This type of skill-based learning requires a lot of planning and the right implementation in order to ensure effective outcomes. Employee skill development is currently one of the biggest problems faced by companies around the world, especially in the field of Information Technology. The development in the field is so fast that the skill development programs are not able to catch up with the speed. This gives rise to a need for specific skill development programs such as a Machine Learning Bootcamp to help fill the gap between the existing skills available in the market and the skills required by companies.

Advantages Of Corporate Training Programs

As mentioned above, India definitely needs skill development programs in order to bridge the gap between the requirements of companies and the human resource available in the market. Short-term skill development programs such as Java full-stack development, Machine Learning courses, or focused programs such as the Lift-Off Program can help companies immensely. These programs are highly focused and help in promoting the standardization of skills as well as recognition. Moreover, if companies reach out for specific skills, these programs can be tailored as per their needs to help them get the kind of human resources that they require to get their work done in the best possible way.

At Teksands, we use a focused approach by co-creating specific IT courses with prominent enterprises that are ready to offer immediate placement opportunities to students. We offer courses to the youth and helps them attain relevant technical skills that are much needed in enterprises today. Once they finish the course, they are immediately absorbed in the workforce and start getting a pay package slightly higher than what they would without having such specific skills.

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for a faster digital revolution. Therefore, revisiting the education system and making it more focused on the current needs and demands of companies is the right thing to do.

What Role Does Skill-Based Training Play In The IT Sector?

Machine Learning Bootcamp

Skill-based training in the IT sector helps learners become more technologically advanced. Having basic or advanced knowledge of programming languages can come in very handy. A strong base in the IT sector means having the possibility to undertake specific skill-based programs or rigorous training in Data Analytics, business intelligence, and other similar fields to take a leap in your career. Moreover, in the present times, companies are also struggling to find candidates who are trained in the right skills. So, participating in such skill development programs actually means decreasing the economic tension and offering good jobs to the youth.

Why Is Skill Development A Necessity In India?

One of the most important aspects when it comes to job creation in India is definitely skill development. As a country, India has a demographic advantage where over 60% of the total population is in their youth. However, to get dividends from a workforce of this number, there needs to be a significant improvement in employability. According to the latest data, merely 10% of fresh graduates in the country are employable whereas the rest lack skills that would make them eligible to be recruited by corporates. The GDP of the country is growing at a whopping 6-8%. However, job creation is still lagging behind.

It is no secret that India is relatively younger as compared to its neighboring countries. About 28 million youth are added to the country's workforce every year. According to an assessment that has been conducted by the National Sample Survey Office, the unemployment rate in India was 6.1% in 2018. In this year, the country was already economically hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has completely disrupted the nation's economic landscape.

Some important advantages of skill development in India include:

  • A growth in skill sets.

  • An increase in the overall level of performance.

  • An increase in proficiency.

  • The ability to achieve tasks with better results and in lesser time.

The Indian government has started several initiatives for skill development. However, the sad truth is that they are inadequate to create viable opportunities for the training of skill development in India. The programs need to emphasize skill development and help people make the best use of their knowledge and talent. In the present times, everyone wants a good career for themselves and adequate skill development training is a must for that to happen.

The skill development training taking place in the country must be made obligatory so that people can enhance their overall expertise in a particular field of study. They need training initiatives and proper guidance to develop and grow in the professional trajectory. Technological know-how, communication, etc. are must-haves for the consistent growth of professionals and this is only possible if they are provided with proper skill development training. Since there are many universities in the country that emphasize skill development, studies show that such individuals are placed in corporations easily. This is because corporations want productive and efficient people in their workforce. This, in turn, helps both companies and individuals grow together. Hence, skill development in India is of paramount importance.

In order to scale the training of skill development initiatives in India, technology is a must. It helps to define certain standard training tools so that candidates can conduct all tutorials and tests easily. The predominant objective of creating a skilled workforce is that there are many more employment opportunities for the youth and the corporates can, in turn, make the best of their workforce for the growth of their companies.

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