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What are Cognitive Assessments and when should you use them

Cognitive assessments are a type of pre-employment testing that employers use to evaluate a...

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What are Behavioral Assessments and when should you use them

Behavioral assessments are a type of assessment used in recruitment to evaluate the behaviors...

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10 Reasons to Incorporate Online Assessment Tools into Your Online or Physical Classroom

In the past, assessment tools for educators primarily consisted of traditional methods such as paper-based tests and qui...

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How AI can help you Recruit Faster - Better?

AI is doing some really cool stuff in the Recruitment / Talent Acquisition space helping...

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How to Prevent Candidate Offer Drops?

One very critical performance Metric for Organisations’ Recruitment Efficiency - “How...

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How to prepare for a Product Company Software Engineer Interview?

Getting into a top product company is a dream for most Software Engineers and rightly so. ...

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