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Tips on conducting an Effective Interview

Interviewing is not a profession, at least for most of us. However, as we grow in our experience, expertise, and maturit...

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7 Simple Approaches to Exponentially increase your Recruitment ROI

Now in the year 2022, the Tech Talent space is a war zone. ...

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A Comprehensive Checklist for Recruiters on Filtering or Screening Resumes

The first stop that a Candidate's Resume makes in an organisation in the entire recruitment process is that of the recru...

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With Teksands, Cross-Skill, Up-Skill, and Re-Skill your Workforce!

The demands of the workplace in the 21st century have changed massively....

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Why Does Your Business Need a Skill-Based Approach?

The business world has witnessed a revolution post pandemic. A lot of newness has been introduced in the market as well ...

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Why Is Employee Training And Development Important To Grow Your Business?

At the moment of finishing a bachelor's or a master's degree, we think that the alarm clocks in the morning, the midnigh...

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