Why Does Your Business Need a Skill-Based Approach?

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Why Does Your Business Need a Skill-Based Approach?
How has the pandemic affected workforce?
How skill-based approach is used to drive success?

Why Does Your Business Need a Skill-Based Approach?

The business world has witnessed a revolution post pandemic. A lot of newness has been introduced in the market as well as the workforce, which is making it difficult for the recruiters to find the relevant talent. The most basic challenge that the companies are facing today is that of filling the skill gap and finding the right talent for a job opening. The market is struggling with labour shortage, introduction of AI's, insufficient talent, lack of required skills. As a result, the job openings stay vacant for extended weeks and the businesses face a loss of millions of dollars every year.

The recent scenario reflects the changed nature of work, as the businesses are adopting new technologies and the management has started supporting remote workforce. Experts believe that the IT and computer related skills are highly-valued, and the companies are largely demanding soft skills like better communication and flexibility in the working hours. With so many changes to address, the companies are now looking forward to hire professionals with a complete skill set so that they could meet the changing demands of the market.

How has the pandemic affected workforce?

The pandemic has bought a revolution in the way business operates. According to the International Labour Organization, it is estimated that pandemic left more than 140 million people out of work while 1.6 billion people were at the risk of income loss. Experts believe many workers will need to re-skill to fit into the newly launched job opportunities, and that's one kind of a challenge that the professionals as well as freshers are already facing.

While some people are struggling to find a job, others are taking the help of tech solution companies which are trying to bridge the gap between the employers and the employees. We are one-of-a-kind ed-tech company that helps different companies adopt the hire train deploy model.

So, in the HTD or hire train deploy model, corporate houses pick individuals through various rounds of interviews and then put them into training programs so that they can acquire the knowledge required to fit into a job opening. Through the HTD models, a lot of freshers are making it to their dream job, and that's how the companies are getting employees who are trained adequately.

But, you'll be surprised to know that hiring the new talent isn't the only solution to filling the skill gap. Instead, companies can opt to re-skill their existing employees and let them get trained to fit into the changing requirements.

According to Asure's recent HR Trends survey, more than 50 percent of the growing companies accepted that they are planning to cross train their existing employees and 43% of them said that they'll up-skill their existing employees to take up new challenges.

But, how can the businesses up-skill, cross-skill or re-skill their employees? How will the businesses motivate its employees to take up a new challenge with new sets of responsibilities?

Well, this is where the Ed-Tech companies like us come to work. We have professional trainers who can organize effective Corporate Bootcamp programs that promotes the companies to get in touch with us and we can help them curate a skilling program in accordance with the requirement of their business.

The recruiters at Teksands use the unique methods of tapping several traditional and non-traditional channels for superior candidate sourcing. We conduct Bootcamp based skill programs that provides the client with faster sourcing of talent in trending areas that include Data Science, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, IT Security Analysts, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, and Full Stack Developers on React/Angular/.Net/Java.

The best part about collaborating with us is that our recruiters will source candidates from the outside world based on the criteria discussed with you. Following this, the trainers or mentors will design and conduct Bootcamp programs with inputs that have already been discussed with you.

Machine Learning Bootcamp

Other aspects that make us different from other ed-tech companies are:

  • Customizing the curriculum for every client individually.
  • Promoting and practicing project based learning.
  • Putting dedicated mentors in every Cohort.
  • The ability to start a cohort anytime.

So, if you are in need of fresh talent and are unable to find a way out, you can get in touch with us during any time of the year. The professionals at our company will happily take the responsibility of bringing skilled set of talent into your business.

How skill-based approach is used to drive success?

The employees need to be educated and made aware about how important is it to participate in various up-skilling programs to achieve success. Statistically, around two third of the workers are willing to up-skill or re-skill to remain employed, so the companies don't have to do much about motivating them. Instead, the companies just need to show them the way to succeed. Furthermore, the recruiters can discuss with them the rewards that they would get while they pick up the new set of skills.

So, as a company, you should try and show your employees that they will be rewarded with new career opportunities, promotion, recognition, and rewards when they pick up new skills.

This is how your business gets double the benefits;

Firstly, you get the skills you need to keep your business going.

Secondly, your employees become more innovate and get the confident to take up new challenges.

Ideally, while hiring new employees or even while communicating with the existing employees, the management must keep an eye on getting more skilled workers on board, rather than just focusing on the degrees.

We can help you pick the best talent from the market. We have a keen eye of interviewing and picking individuals who own the urge to learn and make their place in the workforce. Next, the experienced trainers working with us take the responsibility to train the selected employees and help them learn the skills at its fullest. This is how every corporate house that collaborates with us gets maximum benefit from the deal.

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