With Teksands, Cross-Skill, Up-Skill, and Re-Skill your Workforce!

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With Teksands, Cross-Skill, Up-Skill, and Re-Skill your Workforce!
Why is it Crucial to Cross-skill, Up-skill and Re-skill the Workforce?
Promoting the culture of Constant Learning

With Teksands, Cross-Skill, Up-Skill, and Re-Skill your Workforce!

The demands of the workplace in the 21st century have changed massively. Today, the workplace demands a new strategy for human resources, and on top of that, the novel coronavirus calls for the reworking of the economy, like it happened after the World War II.

According to various researches done on the demands of the workplace in the current scenario,

  • Around 58% of the industry is in the need to hire new skill sets to meet current position requirements.
  • 83% of the industry surveyed have revealed that employers in their sectors are facing extreme difficulties in filling the open positions, as compared to what it was five years ago.
  • Around 61% employees are not satisfied with the technologies prevalent in their company's workplace.
  • Around 53% college graduates are unemployable, i.e., they do not possess skills that the Industry is seeking.

So, how can the companies work to close the ever-growing skills gap, reduce staff turnover and improve productivity in the workforce.

Experts believe that you should begin to look within. This means, re-skilling, up-skilling, and cross-skilling the existing employees is one of the most critical part of hybrid training strategy.

It is clear that investing in long term cross-skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling programs will bring fruitful results for the company. It is undoubtedly the most critical step towards closing the corporate skills gaps, improving employee engagement and productivity, and reducing turnover.

  • Around 41% of organizations believe that developing their workforce through up-skilling, re-skilling, and mobility is one of their vital priorities.
  • Furthermore, 72% of global executives rank employee's ability to adapt new rules, re-skill and assume new roles as the most important factor to the development of business in future.


Re-skilling refers to the process of acquiring new skills. It is done to let an individual take up new job roles, either in the same organization or a different company. For instance, someone who's a data engineer might get re skilled to work as a web developer in the same or other company.


Many employees have started facing issues because they have not updated their skills according to the changing needs of the market. Up-skilling refers to the process of strengthening existing skills or acquiring other complementary or more advanced skills in the same space to meet the changing needs of the market or organisation. For instance, a Data Analyst may enrol into a Data Science course to further his or her knowledge in creating insights smartly from Data using Machine Learning Algorithms apart from Data Analysis Tools.


Cross-skilling is also known as cross-training. Basically, cross-training is the process of developing new skills that enables the employee to take up additional roles or projects apart from their existing skill areas. E.g. An employee working on Java Full Stack also learns Python and REST-API to take up additional Python Backend Development work.

Why is it Crucial to Cross-skill, Up-skill and Re-skill the Workforce?

Let's look at some of the prominent advantages of uplifting the skills of the existing employees.

A company gets competitive advantage by improving productivity

Post pandemic, the industries are transforming faster than ever, which calls for recruiting skilled employees. Around 53% of executives believe that more than half of the employees in their companies need to re-skill in order to contribute effectively in the business.

This is where Teksands helps organisations to meet their organisational skill needs. We deliver Corporate Training and Bootcamps customized to the skill needs of Trainings delivered by us are specific to the level, curriculum and quality needs of the client organisations, Our trainers are senior, practicing industry professionals with deep knowledge of the concerned Technology areas. We have a large network of trainers both from India and Abroad.

Retaining top talent in the company

Most times companies fail to retain their top employees because they don't have the required set of skills to perform a job and they tend to fail. In this journey, finding a new candidate with the right combination of hard and soft skills is a bigger challenge for the employers, and 70% of the global employers agree to this issue.

Through up-skilling programs, the employers retain their top talent by helping them remain relevant and up-to-date in their job-functions. Retaining the existing employee is always more cost-effective than hiring new employees. Relevant and continuous training is an excellent employee engagement method as well.

Therefore, to help you retain your top employees, Teksands can help structure up-skilling and cross-skilling courses where the existing employees are trained and skilled so that they can contribute more productively.

Promoting the culture of Constant Learning

Similarly, our idea of building an ed-tech company like Teksands was to help organisations stay in the race is by ensuring constant learning for their employees. This is the reason why cross-skilling or up-skilling the employees looks even more relevant.

A future proof re-skilling and up-skilling strategy must focus on soft skills like agility, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. A culture of constant learning encourages employees to re-imagine their value and the ways to contribute to the industry better than before.

We help our clients with lateral hiring services, where businesses get a chance to pick new candidates at a faster pace and cross-skill the existing employees to let the company grow unstoppably. Our recruiters help corporate houses seek out candidate precisely matching the talent, skill and cultural fitment reducing the clients' efforts on the overall recruitment process This leads to a much higher ROI for the organisation on it's recruitment function.

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