Python For Mobile App Development

Among the plethora of modern programming languages that exist currently, Python is increasingly popular among a large chunk of users. This popularity is mostly owed to the flexibility that it grants to its users by not strictly adhering to traditional syntaxes that its contemporaries do. Consequently, its user-friendliness has resulted in it being a central part of multiple software industries across the globe today. From amateurs to weathered professionals, Python has now become the language of choice for most programmers out there.

Python And Mobile App Development

Python is used widely for the development of APIs (Application Programming Interface) of mobile applications. Since it is capable of running on various major operating systems, developers mostly select Python as their language of choice while developing mobile applications.

Python comes with several built-in libraries which spare developers from the trouble of having to code their own functions. All they need to do is borrow the relevant segment of code from the library itself. The fact that it is extremely secure and platform-independent in nature further help Python assets its position as a pivotal option in the app development market.

Tools Required For Python App Development

Some popular tools that are required for Python app development have been listed below.

  • Python-for-Android: Python-for-android is an open-source build tool that allows you to package Python code into standalone android APKs (Android Package). These APKs can be then installed, passed around, or even uploaded to popular virtual marketplaces such as the Play Store, just like any other Android app out there. It is known for supporting two major operations. Firstly, it can compile the Python interpreter, its backend libraries, dependencies, and python code for Android devices. Secondly, it provides a simple interface to the different APK distributions.
  • PyJNIus: PyJNIus is a python module that is used to access Java classes as Python classes with the help of the Java Native Interface (JNI). It either retrieves the already surrounding JVM (Java Virtual Machine) or starts a new JVM inside the process.
  • Plyer: Plyer is a platform-independent API that makes use of features that are primarily spotted on mobile platforms in Python. Depending on the current platform, it calls for external libraries to ensure that the implementation of the API takes place in the most hassle-free manner.
  • PyOBJus: PyOBJus is a Python library that is used for accessing Objective-C classes. Subsequently, it constructs a Python wrapper around the Objective-C classes that are loaded onto it.

Popular Python Frameworks For App Development

While there exist multiple Python mobile application development frameworks for developers to choose from, in this section we'll talk about exclusively two frameworks- Kivy and Beeware. Not only have these frameworks been successful at amassing incredible popularity but are also arguably the most efficient frameworks out there when various parameters are taken into account.

Types Of Apps Which Can Be Built Using Python

A wide variety of applications can be built with the help of Python. They include:

  • Blockchain Applications: Thanks to Python-powered applications, the process of blockchain development has become vastly more convenient than it ever used to be. By implementing Python frameworks such as Flash, developers can now not only use HTTP requests to connect with their blockchain over the internet but also create endpoints for distinct blockchain functions.
  • Command-line Applications: Owing to its Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature, Python is considered to be an ideal language for developing Command-line or Console applications. The REPL feature empowers developers to evaluate the language as well as recognize new possibilities.
  • Audio and Video Applications: Apps built using Python assist in the creation of music and other kinds of audio and video applications. Python can be used effectively to analyze the surplus amount of audio and video content that is up for grabs on the Internet these days.
  • Game App Development: Popular gaming apps such as Battlefield 2 and EVE Online have all been developed with the help of Python. Its rich suite of features coupled with its extensive functionalities and add-ons make it the darling of developers.
  • Web Development: Python is among the most sought-after languages out there when it comes to web app development. A large number of websites that we come across today were built using Python and popular Python frameworks like Flask and Django. Even though the rendering of these pages is carried out with the help of HTML and CSS, Python plays a pivotal role in giving shape to their visual elements, managing databases and user accounts, driving functionality, and helms a whole lot of other features in general.
  • Robotics: If there's one thing that unites professionals and hobbyists in the field of robotics, it is their extreme fondness for Python as a programming language. Thanks to its compatibility with the Raspberry Pi hardware platform, robotics hobbyists are able to routinely make use of Python to conduct multiple innovative and affordable experiments on a daily basis.

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