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While there are many emerging technologies that are starting to stake their claims over the terrains of the modern-day business landscape, the lion's share continues to belong to the heavyweights of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT). Even though using AI sounds like it's the main plot of a potboiler science fiction feature film, it's actually a more intrinsic part of your life than you realise. For instance, every time you fire up a query on Google, you are directly benefiting from Artificial Intelligence as Google uses Machine Learning to come up with the most relevant and accurate search results

AI is progressing at the speed of light, giving rise to massive shakeovers to virtually every industry out there. In last year alone, it attracted upwards of $12 billion of VC investment, and according to recent reports, the AI market is set to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 36.62% reaching $190.61 billion by 2025! It is no surprise thus that more and more businesses these days are looking to make AI a core part of their critical operations. Even in the student market, the demand for AI-centric courses is high, giving rise to multiple Artificial Intelligence online training modules in India. In this article, we take a look at how business owners can take their businesses to unparalleled heights by using AI. Read on to find out!

Automate Menial Tasks

Depending on the size of your organization, you could deploy an AI-powered application that will help you take care of menial administrative tasks, freeing up considerable time for your employees in the process.

For example, AI-powered personal assistants can perform the routine administrative tasks of scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling meetings. This gives you the scope of eliminating repetitive chores and lets your employees put their minds to more creative and productive endeavours.

Nearly everything in the office, from scanners to windows, can be upgraded to a smarter and automated option. Among all these automation replacements and alternatives, document and data storage is a star that shines the brightest.

Boost Marketing and Advertising

Since AI has a tremendous capacity for analyzing data, it is extremely adept at coming up with accurate buyer personas for your business. This is what makes it such a critical and powerful tool for your marketing and advertising operations. Simply put, this technology will not only help your products and services get one step closer to someone who needs it but also ensure that they actually buy it.

AI is a great tool for you to match buyer interests to the product, and it does so with relentless detail. Subsequently, it lets you target potential clients with an efficiency like never before, paving the path for savings of epic proportions.

Many AI-powered analytics tools are using massive amounts of data to derive valuable and extremely accurate insights into customers' behavior. By providing companies with the knowledge of existing patterns and trends, it has empowered them to craft highly personalized messages and infuse new lives into their marketing campaigns.

Improve Customer Care

The predictive feature of AI can be leveraged by organizations to grasp a better understanding of the continuously changing and evolving needs and expectations of their clients. With those insights in their armour, it becomes significantly convenient for them to chart out as well implement every necessary adjustment in advance.

Not only does AI give you the opportunity of collecting and storing your client's information, but it also thoroughly analyzes them to present you with reliable customer behavior forecasts. Subsequently, it enables you to roll out tailored services that are in direct alignment with the preferences of your customers.

While there are several use cases of AI revolutionising customer care, the one that the majority of us have experienced and are familiar with are chatbots. Businesses use chatbots to answer customer queries round the clock. They are designed to understand visitors' queries and provide accurate answers, much quicker and better than a manual, human, operator. This makes the whole process of communication more streamlined and efficient, giving the customer undivided attention regardless of the point they are in their buying journey.

Strengthen Your Security

With digital penetration achieving new highs with every passing day, the menace of online threats and cyber-attacks continue to register an alarming increase as well.

Such breaches, besides resulting in the loss of crucial data, can also greatly undermine the reputation of your brand and business. AI can prove itself to be a dependable weapon for these issues.The application of generative adversarial networks and deep learning can be harnessed to detect malware and find the needed solutions on time. AI in tandem with ML can quickly recognize recurrent and anomalous patterns and alert you to the possibility of fraudulent activities well in advance.

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