All You Need To Know About Azure Data Engineering

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What is Azure Data Engineer?
How Can a Candidate Become Azure Data Engineer?
Tips To Prepare For The Azure Data Engineer Examination
Why Acquiring Role-Specific Skills Important For Data Engineers?
Become a Certified Azure Data Engineer For a Bright Future


Data is the biggest superpower in the business world, and collecting data from time to time contributes to the growth of the business. Furthermore, this data collected is then used by data engineers for the enhancement of the customer service. Data engineers are responsible to build, implement, and support the Microsoft BI solution with the aim to achieve market requirements. This is why companies across the world are spending millions of dollars to hire Machine Learning Engineer.

What is Azure Data Engineer?

Azure Data Engineers are responsible for data-oriented implementation tasks, offer provisioning data storage, manage to ingest batch and streaming data, transform the data, imply data retention policies, solve bottleneck issues, find obstacles in performance and also access external data. The demand for Azure Data Engineers is increasing gradually, and that calls for the skills training programs to train Data Engineers.

Besides basic skills like programming language, coding, database management, analytical skills, an Azure Data Engineer should have a basic understanding of evolution of the data landscape and the way it impacts Data Engineers. An Azure Engineer should have the knowledge about the differences between on-premises and cloud data solutions. Furthermore, the engineer should also possess strong knowledge about the Azure services.

According to the market requirements, an Azure Data Engineer should also have skills related to data warehousing, Database systems like SQL, and NoSQL, ETL tolls, Python, Scala, Machine Learning, and Java programming languages. The candidate should also have in-depth knowledge on data structures and algorithm.

How Can a Candidate Become Azure Data Engineer?

A candidate can become a successful Data Engineer in Microsoft Azure only if he/she is skilled in Azure fundamentals. Furthermore, the aspiring candidate should also be prepared to clear two major exams necessary to achieve the data engineer job role. These major exams are DP-201 and DP-200.

The best part is the availability of a role-based certification to become a Data Engineer in Azure platform. However, to clear this certification the candidate should have at least one year of experience in Data Engineering field.

Becoming an Azure Data Engineer is worth the effort and time you invest in preparation. So, get ready for these two exams and make way for a better career option.

Tips To Prepare For The Azure Data Engineer Examination

Preparing for competitive examination has always taken a toll on the aspirants. However, with proper preparation, individuals will not just pass the examination but they will pass with flying colors. So, let us look at some tips to prepare for DP-200 and DP-201.

  • Both DP-200 and DP-201 cover different topics. While DP-200 covers chapters related to the implementation of Azure data solution, DP-201 covers the design of Azure data solution. Surprisingly, the candidate can also choose to skip these two major exams and still become an Azure data engineer. But, how is that possible? This is possible through DP-203, which is a replacement for DP-200 and DP-201. This exam costs around $165 in US and Rs. 4800 in India. After clearing DP-203, the aspirant can earn the certification required to become Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate.

  • Another simple trick that can help a candidate clear the certification test is to get trained as Microsoft Azure Data Engineer. The training as Microsoft Azure Data Engineer covers all necessary domains and is recognized by different industries. You can also train through our bootcamp program under our expert guidance as we help different businesses hire machine learning developers and hire java developer.

  • You should focus on taking multiple mock tests to understand the pattern of the examination and stay prepared for all challenges.

  • Before solving the sample papers, make sure you cover every topic included in the course. Divide your time table into different topics, and give enough time in understanding the important ones.

  • Follow the Azure tutorial, or Azure data factory video to understand the concepts in Azure. Choose a good video channel and follow it to prepare like a pro.

  • We have prepared a dedicated course to train individuals and educate them to appear for Azure Data Engineer exams. Our trainers offer standard tutorial that helps clear all doubt and make concept more understandable. Our training program is designed by intellectuals who have the experience as industry professionals.

  • The team at Teksands covers all important topics to help individuals get a clear idea of the concept. Furthermore, the trainers also ensure that the registered candidates fetch great package in recognized engineering companies.

Why Acquiring Role-Specific Skills Important For Data Engineers?

To secure a promising position as Azure Data Engineer in top companies, a candidate must also specialize in role-specific skills. These role-specific skills include the following;

  • The candidate should have proper understanding of data structure and algorithm.

  • He/she should have in-depth understanding of big data tools like Hadoop.

  • Candidates should learn SQL as this will help them understand the database and the structures underlying them.

  • The aspirants should also have an understanding that most tools for storage and processing of data use programming languages. Therefore, the aspirants should focus on learning programming languages like Java, Python, Scala, etc.

  • These role-specific skills also include prominent references to distributes systems and data pipelines.

So, this is why acquiring role-specific skills is important for candidates. These skills give an upper edge to the individuals.

Become a Certified Azure Data Engineer For a Bright Future

According to a report published by a survey, there's a rapid growth in the demand for Data Engineers. Considering this, the Microsoft certification program has offered great benefits to IT professionals. This certification course offers validation, digital badges, opportunities, and salary hike, allowing individuals to achieve the best position in the market.

This certification program is not just trusted by individuals but it is also equally trusted by employers and organizations that make this program more reliable in the IT industry. The candidates who have achieved the certification successfully have been given more privilege in the interviews because they have a better knowledge about Data Engineering as compared to the candidates who haven't acquired the certification.


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