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Looking to hire Job-ready Engineers in bulk?

Our Source-Train-Hire (STH) Model is perfectly suited to solve the above challenge for organizations.

Source-Train-Hire program taps several traditional and non-traditional channels for superior candidate sourcing.

Completely Hands-on based Bootcamp program.

Rigorous 1-1 Interview Preparation for each candidate.

Very high-conversion in both traditional and niche skills.

Data Science, ML Engineers, Data Engineers, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, IT Security Analysts and Full Stack Developers on React/Angular/.Net/Java.

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Recruitment Services

Our Strategic Lateral recruitment Services ensure faster and higher conversions across all Skills, Levels and Roles groups:

Faster Time-to-Onboard due to highly performance tuned Sourcing and Screening at our end.

Our highly competent Recruiters seek out the best for your organisation.

Special competency on Executive Hiring.

Special competency on Diversity Hiring.

Our Recruitment Solutions are always Custom Designed based on client's needs and hence we deliver the best results based on the specific requirements.

Corporate Training

Our unique Corporate Training Program follow a strong Framework to deliver the best Learner Outcomes:

Large Network of Trainers from around the world who are practicing Professionals in the trades.

Fully Hands-on based, Project-based, Mentorship driven approach to training with loads of Practice and rigor for the learners to drive early outcomes.

We are skill agnostic, covering across Technolgy skills starting from Full-Stack Development to Artificial Intelligence, Soft Skills programs and Methologies such as Agile, Project Management, Service Management, Leadership Trainings and more.

Diversity Hiring and Executive Hiring

Our Specialized Diversity Hiring and Executing Hiring Services are based on extensive Research, Networking and personalised engagements through our Senior Recruiters:

Reaserch based approach to Diversity, Executive and Leadership Hirings.

Extensive Scrutiny and Screening discussions conducted with the candidates to determine suitability.

Extensive Interaction with the hand-picked candidates to prep them for success with the Client.

Our Extensive Network is a key success factor to these niche sourcing.

Our Diversity and Executive Hiring Solutions are completely based on client's needs and hence we deliver the quick and best results.

End to End Campus Hiring

Our unique combination of People, Process and Products ensure excellent execution of complete Campus Hiring Workflow:

Network of hundreds of colleges to hire from.

Our new-age Applicant Tracking System and Assessment Platform ensure fully Digital and easy to use Workflow.

End to end execution service of Campus Hiring - starting from Institute Engagament, Campus Roadshows, Applications, Pre-Assessements, Interviews, Dashboards, to Onboarding and Inductions.

Our Clients

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