The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Sector Is Filled With Jobs!

The CB Insights data revealed that crypto, blockchain, and Web 3.0 based businesses had raised close to $9.2 billion globally only in the first quarter of 2022. Crypto-based Indian startups have managed to raise a record-high of $890 million globally between January-April 2022, as per the insights from Venture Intelligence.

These striking figures show that there are many job roles that his particular sector has to offer. It also highlights that the IT sector is in dire need of real talent and skills because even in organizations where candidate remuneration is unconventional, talent issues are still there.

Some of the job roles that one can take up, especially in the crypto and blockchain markets, range from Blockchain Architecture, Azure Data Engineer, Web Development, Python, App Developers, Data Analytics, to UI/UX Designers etc. Having the skillsets that are relevant to such job profiles can give you an edge over others.

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